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The Organized Move - Moving Day

- posted by Michael Bloom on August 30, 2016

You know how you have always dreamed of being a domestic general, in complete control of the comings and goings around your house, a la George Patton himself? Well, today is closest you will ever come to that dream. You have an entire team of movers (okay, 2-3 guys) at your disposal and their job is to follow your direction.

Remember, the best leaders wield their power carefully and thoughtfully.

But, don’t forget that this is your show:

  • Be awake and alert at least an hour before the movers are scheduled to show up at your old location.
  • An army marches on its stomach, so donuts or bagels are a nice touch and make sure that the movers have access to water.
  • Be completely packed and ready to go, unless you have paid the movers to pack for you.
  • Have a list of every item that they are moving and where it goes in your new home.
  • Make yourself available at all times. Nothing will slow things up more than the movers waiting for you to come back from a coffee run to find out where the sofa goes.
  • Be thankful. Movers work hard and they have to pace themselves to successfully complete the job.
  • Smile. You’re in a new home.

Congratulations…and, if you are in a Benton Homebuilders new home, you made the perfect choice.

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