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The Organized Move - 1 Week Out

- posted by Michael Bloom on July 22, 2016

This just got real. In one week - 1 WEEK!!!! - you and everything you own will be leaving your current residence behind and moving into your new Benton Homebuilders home. But there's no need to panic, right? because you've following these steps along the way from these posts, right?

Right! You're nearly finished packing, you've set up service disconnects and conects at each end and you've scheduled and triple confirmed the movers. You are a master organizer and you will own this move. Now for a few more things:

  • First Night/Morning Box - The move will take WAY longer than you think. Have a box ready with sheets and basic toiletries packed and ready to go. And having the coffee maker in there - along with all the fixings and a cup - will be a real life saver.
  • Clean up after yourself - Your new Benton Homebuilders home will be move-in ready and you'll appreciate how clean it is. Do the same for the next people coming into your current place.
  • Change your address - It's as simple as filling out a brief card and dropping it by you local PO.
  • Pay up - Close out everything that you can for your current place, just so that the bills don't follow you to your new home. (Which they will because you changed your address!)

You can do this! We'll see you in 7 days at your new place.


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